Recruitment is an essential source of fresh energy for the company, and therefore it is
a strategic pillar in our Human Resources policy.

The company recruits exceptional people capable of combining pragmatic and
creative thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset and international vision.
We seek people who feel a strong affinity with high-quality products.

Unsurprisingly, some candidates have a background in luxury, but others
have worked in innovative sectors characterized by the creativity and
uniqueness of its products and services, excellence in delivery,
and the quality of customer service. Our employees
are distinctive in that they are at once strategic,
entrepreneurial, and creative.


We pay special attention to induction of new employees in our business.
Special attention is paid to induction for new employees
within our business. Immersion in the culture, history and positioning
of the House guarantees understanding of the
brand’s strategy and the demands it


The objective of human resources teams is to facilitate the growth of
the BOGINENI® Luxury by providing effective career
management to its employees

Building solid and passionate teams

The priority for human resources is to build strong, creative and passionate
teams and developing their skills through an ambitious
program based on two strong levers: training and mobility.

Cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit

BOGINENI® is an agile and decentralized organization that encourages
efficiency and responsiveness. It stimulates individual initiative by
entrusting each person with significant responsibilities. Our
entrepreneurial spirit encourages both risk-taking
and perseverance.

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